I used to hate apples, so my mum put faces on them.

findingoswin said: Mostly because Spanish is way more complex with a huge amount of conjugations, where French it is repetitive with just a few irregulars that you will need to remember. I will be in French 4 this year!!

deuxcours answered: i think you should take spanish bc more people speak it and it is applicable to a lot more situations than french is, i take it

findingoswin answered: Totally French. Even my French teacher admits it

Thanks so much lovelies! xx 

See, I know that I should probably take Spanish for practicality, but I would just love to learn French. Ahhh I just don’t know how to decide.

guys help which language is easier to learn Spanish or French?

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Matt Smith at a panel at Fan Expo Canada.

I was tagged by Liz to put my iTunes on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs, but I don’t actually have an iTunes account so I’m going to use my old ipod (keep in mind I haven’t put on any new songs since I was probably around 13 sooo)

  1. Every teardrop is a waterfall -Coldplay
  2. Time of your life -Greenday
  3. Viva la vida -Coldplay
  4. Timshel -Mumford & Sons
  5. The district sleeps alone tonight -The postal service
  6. Teardrops on my guitar -Taylor swift
  7. Times like these -Jack Johnson
  8. Title and registration- Death cab for cutie
  9. Two coins -Dispatch
  10. White horse -Taylor swift

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